Stupudly Hot Research Assistant (SHRA)

Not much is known about SHRA. She is a Barbie lookalike who works in the same hospital as Dr. Karma and is one of the few women there who by the barest of margins is boneable under HR regs. She's been known to make advances on Dr. Karma reminiscent of a dog in heat, having even obliquely suggested sex in his office. All her advances were spurned by Dr. Karma as they all occurred during the Crazy Stoner Nurse story arc and he felt that engaging in any kind of relationship, even an explicitly casual one would be unethical. She hasn't been seen much lately, allowing one to assume that she has for now at least stopped her attempted sexual predation of the good Dr. Expect her to turn up hot and horny as ever as soon as he becomes seriously emotionally involved with another woman.

Biography Edit

Presumably an intelligent woman, she's an insanely hot blonde Barbie of the sort to turn most men into gibbering idiots with a single lingering glance. Dr. Karma's strong sense of ethics has thus far prevented him from becoming involved with her.